EchoVox 2.0 Classic Edition Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

EchoVox Classic Tutorial for Beginners

This is a brief explanation of the EchoVox Classic (version 2.0) from Big Beard Studios. This is a phone app that allows you to communicate with the spirits of the ...

Echovox 2.0 Ghost Hunting App Review

A review of the Echovox App by Indico Paranormal's Sadie..... Sponsored by Best Ghost Hunting....

Echovox Tutorial/How to use.

Quick tutorial & how to use of the echovox app for android and ios.

Testing out the Echovox App. Chill Seekers Paranormal Investigation and Research.

I decided to purchase the Echovox app from the Google play store for my android phone.With the recent spike in paranormal activity inside my home i figured ...

ECHOVOX, Ghost box T1 Free, Entity Sensor Pro Apps review

Hey guys please leave a comment if you wish to. thank you for watching thumbs up if it was helpful, i know i sounded a bit sluggish but i didn't feel so good. :P.

Echovox Test and Review

Just a quick review of the echvox from big beard studios and my thoughts on the app.

SV-1 SpiritVox "ULTRA-EDITION" Android app demo

SV-1 SpiritVox "Ultra-Edition" Sub-Sonic & Ultra-Sonic White Noise Generator. For use in Paranormal Research, Ghost Hunting, EVP Recording & ITC research.

Review of SV-1 SpiritVox app for Android

This is a quick review of the Android app SpiritVox SV-1 by Big Beard Studios. I hope to upload more vids of this app in action in the near future. Currently I am ...

EchoVox 2.0 Spirit box app session

I have tried many spirit box apps and I had heard this app was great so I thought I would get the app and give it a try and this is what I heard, I heard a few things ...

SOSPARA - Testing the Echovox App

Our First attempt using the Echovox App, with some interesting results.

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